HM Get it Free

Hey guys, what’s going on?

If you couldn’t take advantage of my last post because you don’t have HM2 or don’t have NC Pro, don’t worry… this post is made just for you! I took some time to check it out all the ‘Get it Free’ offers from HM official page ( There are 2 $100 offers and some $75 credit on HM shop, you can complete more than one offer to have more money to spend in HM products (HM, TN2, LeakBuster, NC Pro, etc).

Here we go:

*best deals are the ones with higher $ per $1 of rake paid

888 Poker – 75 points
75 points = $37.50 of rake paid
100/37.50 = $2.66/$1 rake

William Hill – 1000 points
1000 points = $40 of rake paid
100/40 = $2.5/$1 rake

FTP – 225 points
225 points = $22.5 of rake paid
75/22.50 = $3.33/$1 rake

PS – 225 points
225 points = $40.9 of rake paid
75/40.9 = $1.83/$1 rake

Party – 250 points
250 points = $125 of rake paid
75/125 = $0.6/$1 rake

Titan – 500 points
500 points = $33.33 of rake paid
75/33.33 = $2.25/$1 rake

Betfair – 300 points
300 points = $15 of rake paid
75/15 = $5/$1 rake

Unibet – 3500 points
3500 points = $350 of rake paid
75/350 = $0.21/ $1 rake

So the better offers are: Betfair, FTP, 888, William Hill, Titan e PS

GL at the tables!

*It’s only valid for new poker accounts. You must follow all instructions on HM page.


How to get NoteCaddy Edge for Free (Easily)

Hey guys, what’s up?

Do you like free stuff?

Today I’m gonna talk to you about an easy way to get a $199 product for free! First you must have HM2 + NC Pro, I don’t like that much of HM2 but because of NC Pro it’s the poker tracker that you want have it. NoteCaddy Edge is like an add-on of NC Pro, there are hundreds of badges, new pop-ups and loads of stuff to help you get the most out of NC Pro.

If you’re asking yourself what should I do? It’s pretty easy, go to notecaddy edge page and look for their get it free page ( They offer some sites for you to play and grind your NC Edge for free. Now you’re probably thinking: Well, you’re not saying anything new to me!

The new stuff is that I made all the math to find the best deals and they’re:

1 – William Hill offer – You must deposit at least $50 and earn 100 WH Points: you earn 25 WH Points for every $1 of rake paid ( That’s less than 1k hands of 10NL Fast 6-max playing TAG (21/17 or something)

2 – Betfair – You must rake £15 (or earn 450 Betfair points): That’s less than 4k hands of 10NL Fast 6-max playing TAG. (

So you can see that’s pretty easy, right?

You must complete both offers to get the most complete NC Edge pack, if you decide complete just one you’ll get the basic pack ($99 value). Why are you not grinding yet?

*You must follow the steps at NC Edge page. There are some country restrictions!

** It’s only valid to new poker accounts

Studying a Lot

Hey guys, what’s up?

Poker it’s a funny game. When you learn few new things and start to apply them on your game in many cases you start to lose money and with me wasn’t different this time. After watch some GTO videos, I learned a bunch of new stuff, but when I first started to apply them, meh… So if you add that with some sessions running really poorly, I’d a nasty swing. We can’t change dramatically our game overnight and expect to be great from day one. I decided now focus only on my game from the blinds vs late position, specially against the button.

I watched few CR videos on pre-flop play based on GTO stuff and I took some time off the tables to build new ranges for me to play from the blinds (flatting and 3-betting ranges from SB and BB). So right now that’s the only area that I’m looking to improve, because that will lead to a way more aggressive 3-bet range, so that adjustment also implies that I’ll have to get better playing 3bet pots out of position, which is not that easy vs good opponents. I won’t say how often I’ll call or 3bet because it took a lot of time to get to this new range, but just for an overall idea I was used to defend (call + 3b) only around 14% from each position and now that number will go higher than 20%, these are big changes!

Keep working on your game and it’ll pay out! GL at the tables!

Updating CR Stuff

Hey guys, how are you doing?

I’d to update this or I would be so unfair. I posted at CR foruns and I got a real quickly answser, I replied my username and they updated my account in about 24hs. So I feel they did everything right and fair.

About their content, I’m just speechless. I’m not a newbie to the game or to watch instructional poker videos, I already watched videos from several poker training sites and I can say that I’m very impressed with the quality. Their deeper analysis is just phenomenal and I can say worth every penny!

For the first time in several years I had to watch more than once a video to get a better grasp and it’s not because the content is poorly explained or something like that, is just so eye opener (I’m talking about GTO stuff and M. Janda videos here) that you must watch few times to really understand it. Dude, as he named one of his series ‘you are doing it wrong’.

I’m trying to adapt my game to this new approach and I can say I’m failing after a small sample… LOL It’s not easy change the way you think about poker for quite some time. I know I’ll be a better player and coach I just need to hang in there and keep working on my game. As Janda says at one of his series, after some training our brain is pretty good to analyze good/bad spots like +EV bets or -EV bluffs, but our brain fail to find better lines. Let’s say a ‘std’ line would be a cbet and it has an EV of 5bb/100 and we realize that a cbet is a profitable line, our brain miss to analyze that a check/call line may have an EV of 10bb/100 so would be more profitable at some spots c/c than a ‘std’ cbet.

That’s just one concept, of one of his videos and it has loads of different scenarios where c/c maybe be better instead a cbet or a c/r. Very amazing stuff to study but kind of hard to make in practice.

I’m a little bit concerned about the new amount of knowledge because when I try to make some adjustments at a small portion of my game because something new that I’d learned, in general bad things happens before I adjust properly to a new strategy. I’ll fail couple of times before trully understand it but at the end of the path I’ll be a better poker player.

So right now I’m little bit overwhelmed let’s say, trying to focus on improve just one area of my game at the time. I’m glad that I’ve one year subscription because I’ve a lot to learn and improve my game.

GL at the tables!

Playing Poorly

Hey guys, what’s up?

Last few days I had my worse session ever and I quit the tables 8 bi’s down after 3.3k hands. I can say I was suprised, really couldn’t believe when I checked my HM after the session. I knew I was down, but I didn’t notice how down I was! My worse session so far were 5 bi’s down. Ok, I faced some variance and I ran 4 bi’s below the EV, nevertheless my biggest problem was play for too long. Even running poorly and making some mistakes I was 2 bi’s down after 2k hands or so and then some poor play because of the long session came to the game.

I’ve this big leak, sometimes I can’t accept that I’m losing playing against such a bad guys, then I play very long sessions trying to get my money back and after some time tilt/tiredness make me lose little bit more, but never like this. I guess I was more confident than ever… Good new is that I already got back 4 bi’s, so no big deal didn’t hurt my bankroll as it might sound.

I’m a little bit disapointed about CR promotion, I got the points for a little over one week and I don’t have any news do far. Few days ago I sent an email asking them when WPT will send the information for them but I didn’t get any answer which made me disapointed. It can take some time, no problem at all, but they could have answered my email. I’ll wait couple more days to complete one week from my email and I’ll post on their forums to see what’s going on.

GL at the tables!


Hey Guys, what’s up?

I’m back to the tables, played last couple days. Ran good once, already ran bad once so, I’m slowly I’m getting back to my best game.

I’ve great news, I just completed a CR promotion at WPT (Party). I created an affiliated account and raked $125 for one year of CR subscription (non USA players only). Awesome deal! I’m waiting for a notification when my account is ready!

GL at the tables!

What’s up?

Hey guys, what’s up? I don’t upgrade my blog for quite sometime, but in fact I’m not being lazy or something like that. The truth is, I’m not playing poker!

No, I’m not burned out, I’m not on a sick downswing or something like that. I’m really busy at my day job and I’m facing some personal issues, so when I wasn’t tired/busy because of my day job I wasn’t in a good mood to play poker. If I’m pissed before even start to play I won’t find any good outcome playing poker, because I know I’ll play poorly, which will lead to frustration…
Also I’m facing some anxiety issues (man, I’m really anxious person!) which leads me to drink couple beers after my job, and I’ve a rule that I don’t break: If I drink anything, I don’t play poker and I’m really annoying about it.

Last month I played less than 1.5k hands, and this month so far, I didn’t play ANY hand. So this week I’ll try to get back at the tables, without any pressure to play a ton of hands or anything like that. My only pressure will be to play good, Iwon’t grind a bunch of tables or a massive amount of time just to put in some volume, it’s a silly thought IMO. I’ll get back to game trying to play well and make good decisions.

GL at the tables!